Trick: Master

Nome Stile Tipo Descrizione Forum Link Video
And What 1A Side  
Black Hops 1A Side  
Double Iron Whip 1A Whip  
Double Suicide 1A Side  
Double Up Laceration 1A Laceration  
Grind Through A Triangle 1A Grind  
Hasbrown Chopsticks 1A Side  
Hour Glass 1A Side forum
Kamikaze 1A Side forum
Ladder Escape 1A Side  
Ladder Mount 1A Mount forum
Octopus 1A Side Il trick piu’ lungo del mondo forum
Plan D 1A Side  
Seasick 1A Front  
Solar Wind 1A Side  
Superman 1A Side forum
Takashi Boing 1A Front  
Turntablism 1A Side  
Whip to Slack 1A Whip  
White Buddha 1A Side forum
Wonderland 1A Side  
Yellow Airplanes 1A Side forum
Yuuki Slack 1A Slack