Trick: Expert

Nome Stile Tipo Descrizione Forum Link Video
1 sec trick 1A Side 1 secondo per stupire  
Arm Wraps 1A Side Semplice Arm Wrap partendo da un Wrist Mount  
Bucket Hops 1A Side  
Cold Fusion 1A Side forum
Cycle Laceration 1A Laceration  
Dolphin Whip 1A Whip  
Dr. Strange 1A Side forum
Drop In The Bucket Mount 1A Mount  
Flying Trapeze Green Triangle 1A Side  
Follow 1A Side  
GT Hops 1A Side  
Grind Transfer 1A Grind  
Gyroscopic Flop 1A Front forum
Iron Whip 1A Whip  
Jade Whip 1A Whip  
Kang et kodos 1A Side  
Laceration 1A Laceration  
Over Under Boing Boing 1A Side  
Over Whip Wrist Mount 1A Whip  
Over Wrist Mount 1A Mount  
Pacman 1A Whip  
Pop ‘N Fresh 1A Side  
Post Nuclear Trick 1A Side altro bel trick proposto da Xela  
Quanjifesence 1A Side  
Rain 1A Side  
Reverse 1.5 Laceration 1A Laceration  
Reverse Trapeze Whip 1A Whip  
Revolutions 1A Side forum
Rip To Triangle String Whip 1A Whip  
Shockwave 1A Side  
Skin The Gerbil 1A Side  
Spirit Bomb 1A Side forum
StarGT 1A Side Simpatico trick per passare da Wirst Mount a GT  
Static Flow 1A Side  
Suicide 1A Side  
Thumb Grind Transfer 1A Grind  
Tower to Ping Pong 1A Side variazione sul tema del ping pongTrick del mese 01/09 forum
Trapeze To Triangle String Whip 1A Whip  
Trapeze Whip 1A Whip  
Under Mount Laceration 1A Laceration  
Under Whip Yo-Yo Wrist Mount 1A Whip  
Wrist Mount 1A Mount